Your mobile phone mounting solution for every Adventure

Your mobile phone mounting solution for every Adventure

All geared up for an exciting bike riding adventure with your friends? You won’t want to leave without your OTG Strap! Track your ride and stay connected like never before.

Cycling has always been close to our hearts here at OTG. This is why we completely fell in love with the strap that will meet your everyday phone holder needs! With its secure grip and lightweight material the OTG Strap holds your mobile phone steadily in place leaving you to enjoy the ride, which ever that may be!

The OTG Strap is more then just a mobile phone bike mount!

Unlike most rigid plastic mounts, the flexible strap allows you to easily mount your mobile to pretty much any circular handle. Mount it to your Golf Cart steering wheel to help you keep score while remotely connected to the office. Mount it to your shopping cart displaying your shopping list to make sure you never forget the eggs again! The OTG Strap can also be mounted directly to your stroller or pram to entertain fussy babies with their favourite YouTube videos. This is just a few of the many more options available, making the OTG Strap the universal mobile phone mount/holder.

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