A Phone Mount On Your Golf Cart! How Cool Is That?

A Phone Mount On Your Golf Cart! How Cool Is That?

Whether you are a professional golfer or simply drive a golf cart, your cell phone proves to be useful anywhere you go. On the golf course, you may utilize an application to keep track of who's winning, take pictures, streaming music or stay connected to your work emails, mounting your smartphone on the cart steering wheel is easy with an OTG Strap mobile mount for golf cart.

Mounting your smartphone is super easy with an OTG Strap mobile mount. Whether iPhone, Android or any other phone, OTG Strap can be used with any mobile device. It's versatile making it your ultimate universal mobile mount solution to secure your smartphone. This mobile mounts for golf cart is made of great quality silicone, universal fit, easily attachable/detachable and twists around typical golf carts to firmly and securely hold your cell phone.

The best phone mounts for all the golf enthusiasts

For the golf aficionados, an OTG strap golf cart mount keeps your mobile phone perfectly mounted while you drive to the green. It's also a great thing for golf course owners looking for an add-on solution for their rental cart.

Top support and easy to install

If you want to bring the best out of the course, simply attach our mobile mount for golf cart around a steering wheel of the golf cart. Extend the straps over the edge of your phone. It will take only a few seconds and you are ready to go. It's also strong and secure so it won't slip or move around while driving.

Why you should buy a mobile mount for golf cart

Golf cart mobile mounts are of a big help to access your smartphone when you drive a golf cart. It does not only help you focus on the course but also help it easier to access mobile apps. Besides that, having a golf cart phone mount allows you to stay connected to the office while enjoying your day on the course. It will also provide a great safety for your mobile and in fact, no matter how tough the course may be.

No matter whether you are a professional golfer or not, a good mobile mount for golf cart allows you to enjoy your golf experience as well as keep score to monitor your improvement!

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